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We are back. Everything was OK

E.A.Lukina (AvtandiLine) was successful in 4 competitions:
Text production11th
Text correction27th
Shorthand / Speech capturing
Real Time Transcription41th
Place in the Final Combination list - 14 .

Competition Classifications Lists.


Today our delegation is leaving for Beijing to take part in the 47th Intersteno Congress

The members of the delegation are N.M. Berezina, O.N. Kotenko (GZOS) and A.I. Melnikov (LLC "Subtitle"). There will be a lot of interesting encounters, participating in the work of the Jury, informative lectures, exciting tours. E.A.Lukina (AvtandiLine) is taking part in the competitions.



This year Russia will be represented at the International Competitions at the 47th Intersteno Congress. ELEONORA LUKINA (AvtandiLine) is coming to Beijing!


At last people (living in Moscow and Moscow region) who are interested in touch-typing have held their first meeting.

We thank everyone who could come.           We had a great time!       We hope to meet again!  


The final results of the team Intersteno-GZOS-Russia
in the 7th version of the Internet-contest 2009

Diplomas for the participation in the multilingual competition go to

1.Roman Vorobetsseniors9
2.AvtandiLine Lukinaseniors16
3.Yury Kozlowseniors18
4.Maria Nefedovaseniors19
5.Stanislav Yagunovpupils7
6.Mikhail Znamenskyjuniors45
7.Vladimir Travkinseniors29

Diplomas for the participation in the competition in the Russian language go to

1.Stanislav Yagunovpupils24
2.Mikhail Znamenskyjunior16
3.Ilya Znamenskyjunior21
4.Vasily Peknovjunior29
5.AvtandiLine Lukinasenior14
6.Yury Kozlowsenior23
7.Anatoliy Shvartssenior30
8.Roman Vorobetssenior39
9.Vladimir Travkinsenior60
10.Maria Nefedovasenior68
11.Andrey Andreevsenior69
12.Irina Yagunovasenior88
13.Yuri Kordyksenior90
14.Dmitriy Yagunovsenior94
15.Daryna Kordyksenior100

Happy Birthday to Avtandiline


How many are we in Beijing?

Comes from Intersteno e-news 36, April 30th 2009


Russian Intersteno group is mourning over David Rogala's premature passing away.

Dave Rogala Dave Rogala Dave Rogala

We send our condolences to his family and all who knew him. We'll miss this loyal friend and wonderful professional and colleague. We are greatly shocked by this unexpected death. We will forever remember him.


Yuri Kozlovs article devoted to Intersteno Internet competitions was published in Februarys issue of the journal “Secretary-referent”.

is a permanent member of the team INTERSTENO GZOS RUSSIA. Before the competitions of 2009 the enrolment for which has already begun, we advise you to read his article.


By the courtesy of Adrian Kelly, a professional reporter based in Melbourne (Australia) we have received information that a new digital pen has been launched on the market.

The pen incorporates a digital audio recorder which capture the words of the speaker, and this recording is synchronised with the written signs. Adrian Kelly comments: "In fact, I can see this pen perhaps creating a renaissance in shorthand. Now, it is advertised as useful for those who write longhand, of course, but the beauty with being able to do shorthand is the fact you are able to useSmart pen for livescribe your notes as the main pivot point for what you might wish to type up, and the pen can act as a very useful aid in this regard. But to be able to use shorthand as the main tool means that this digital pen and the shorthand complement each other very well. I do professional minutes of meetings and in a lot of cases use my Pitman's shorthand. Now, I have found this pen invaluable for this purpose. For instance, I did a job last month that went for a week for a government department who were requiring, after a day's hearing, the minutes the next morning to check. It was a very complex matter, but that pen came in very handy if I had any doubt about my shorthand notes etc. I just clicked on the shorthand outlines and it played back for me the room audio and was extremely audible! You can even slow it down, speed it up. A VERY handy device." The pen is available with 1 or 2 GB of memory, allowing about 100/200 hours of recording, Playback is audible via the built in loud speaker or traditional headset can be connected. The full list of the features and a list of software applications for transferring data from the pen to your computer, is available at www.livescribe.com. You can also contact Mr. Adrian Kelly - voice@transcriptsplus.com.au - for any additional info or quotations.


GZOS has turned on its lamp again.

Everyone interested in information processing is welcome.
Our address is Suzdalskaya street, 26/2, Novokosino, Moscow.

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