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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


"GZOS" representatives have participated in a shorthand conference in Vienna
The conference devoted to the history of shorthand was held in one of the halls of Vienna Town Hall.


The conference participants were greeted by the Mayor of Vienna Rudolf Hundstorfer and the Head f the Austrian Group of Intersteno Marlis Kulb.

Among the speechmakers were: Boris Neubauer (Germany)

Anita Dobos è Bernadette Berencsine (Hungary)

Carl Johan Pettersson (Sweden)

Rosmarie Koller (Switzerland)

and Nora Berezina and Olga Kotenko (GZOS – Russia)

Our presentation was welcomed and highly appreciated by the conference participants. In it we managed to demonstrate the richness and diversity of the Russian shorthand.
"Thank you again for your well-founded and very detailed presentation. It was the level of science I had hoped for from all the countries", - Boris Neubauer
GZOS would like to thank all the people who helped us to prepare our presentation
Our report.
The Presentation.


Russian stenotype is at the start! Training has begun

In summer 2018, the All-Russian Society of the Deaf won a Presidential Grant for the project “Stenotype”. The aim of the project is to train specialists working on a stenography machine in the Russian language.The autonomous non-profit organization “GZOS” is the partner of the Society in the realisation of the project. Our task is teaching basic skills of work on a stenotype to 4 stenotypists, selected by the All-Russian Society of the Deaf. In order to become a well-qualified stenotypist you need to learn for a few years. For example, in the USA and Europe a stenotype course lasts 4 years and corresponds to Russian higher education.
The article.


e-news Intersteno 82 - December 2017
e-news Intersteno 82 - December 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Dear colleagues and friends,
Thank you for all collaboration, friendship and your contribution to our INTERSTENO-Federation activities during the almost past year.
I wish you and your families and friends a peaceful Christmas time and a good start of 2018 that brings you good health, many nice moments and a lot of energy to further contribute to the work of our Federation!
Best regards,
Danny Devriendt
INTERSTENO secretary-treasurer


The Internet keyboarding competition will be held from April 23 to May 9, 2018
The registration for the Internet competition will be open from March 19 to April 22, 2018.
Our competitors can already start registering for the Internet competition 2018.


The programme Pyatidnevka (Five-day week) on Radio Russia celebrated the 180th anniversary of the publication in England of Sir I. Pitman’s stenography textbook.


e-news Intersteno 81 - October 2017
e-news Intersteno 81 - October 2017


51st Congress of the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing took place on July 20-28, 2017 in Berlin, Germany
Russia was represented by Eleonora Alekseevna Lukina (AvtandiLine).


An interview of the Director of GZOS An interview to PCMag Russia


e-news Intersteno 80 - June 2017
e-news Intersteno 80 - June 2017


XV Intersteno Internet Contest (11th for our team) is over. Certificates have been handed in
This year our team consisted of 13 competitors, 12 of whom received certificates.
The total number of the International Internet competition participants in 2017 comes to 1265 people from 19 countries. They typed in 17 languages.


e-news Intersteno 79 - April 2017
e-news Intersteno 79 - April 2017


The competitions have started


The contest "A way to Intersteno 2017" is over. Congratulations to the organizers and participants!
See more information here.


The registration of participants of the XV Internet competitions in speedy and quality keyboarding has started
The registration continues until April 14th, 2017.
The competitions start on April 17th and finish on May 9th, 2017.


e-news Intersteno 78 - February 2017
e-news Intersteno 78 - February 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


e-news Intersteno 77 - December 2016
e-news Intersteno 77 - December 2016


e-news Intersteno 76 - October 2016
e-news Intersteno 76 - October 2016


Sad news has come from the Intersteno. Mr Ishan Yener, President of the Turkish National Group, has passed away

Mr Ishan Yener was Honorary President and the oldest pillar of the modern Federation Intersteno, which he used to name "the Intersteno family". He always safeguarded the spirit of friendship and cooperation among groups and members of the Association. He was a Teacher for thousands of Turkish colleagues, who gained high professional achievements.
We are expressing our deepest condolences on the death of Mr Ishan Yener. We are sure lots of people will always remember and thank him for all that he did for them and for the development of the Intersteno movement.


e-news Intersteno 75 - August 2016
e-news Intersteno 75, August 2016


Gian Paolo Trivulzio passed away on May 17th, 2016
Gian Paolo Trivulzio Gian Paolo Trivulzio Gian Paolo Trivulzio

We were really sorry to hear the sad news. It's impossible to believe it. Gian Paolo was always there if we had any problems or questions, always helpful and friendly.
We express our deepest condolences to his family, friends, everyone who knew him. This is a huge loss for all of us.


Many thanks to Alexander Sidorenko for subtitling the live broadcast of the Victory Parade for deaf people
Read more about that event of great importance at http://www.gluxix.net/deafnews/tv-and-we/5557-2016-05-07-08-01-51


The XIVth version of the Internet contest in fast and quality keyboarding, held yearly by the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing (INTERSTENO), is over


GZOS is 75!

In the photo: the creator of the State Uniform System of Shorthand Nickolai Nickolaevich Sokolov is being congratulated by the Director of GZOS Nickonov Victor Andrianovich and a teacher of GZOS Bondarenko Galina Ivanovna (the late 80s of the 20th century)


GZOS's 75th Jubilee is arriving!
April 22nd is the 75th Anniversary of GZOS. To celebrate, we have opened a discussion group at vk.com/club117639661 (vkontakte). Greetings, congratulations and exchange of opinions are welcome! http://vk.com/club117639661


e-news Intersteno 73 - April 2016
e-news Intersteno 73 - April 2016


The competitions have started


The registration of participants of the XIV Internet Contest has started

For more details, read the section "Registration and fees"


Huge graffiti based on the Russian poet Michael Lermontov's verses appeared on a side of block of flats #18 in Novokuznetskaya street in Zamoskvorechie



The Contest "A way to Intersteno 2016" has finished

We congratulate all the participants and invite to take part in the Internet contest from April 11th till May 2nd, 2016.

To read more about the Contest, go to http://klavogonki.ru/forum/events/4195/


GZOS joins in the New Year and Christmas wishes from Georgette Sante - Intersteno Jury President


e-news Intersteno 71 - December 2015
e-news Intersteno 71 - December 2015


GZOS has participated in making a documentary

Eleonora Alekseevna Lukina, Vasily Pekhov and Nora Maksovna Berezina took part in making the film.

The TV channel "Science 2.0" and the programme "EXperiments with Anton Voitsekhovsky" expressed a big gratitude for our help in preparing and shooting the film "Skillful hands. Part 2".

(Click on the picture to view video. The second story.)


e-news Intersteno 70 - October 2015
e-news Intersteno 70 - October 2015


The International Federation for Information and Communication Processing INTERSTENO organized its 50th Congress from July 18 to July 24, in Budapest, Hungary

Russia was represented by Eleonora Lukina (AvtandiLine).

We congratulate Eleonora Lukina on a successful performance in the World Championship!


e-news Intersteno 69 - June 2015
e-news Intersteno 69 - June 2015


The XIIIth International Internet Keyboarding Contest of 2015 is over

According to the decision taken during the Council meeting in Shanghai, diplomas for the Internet Contest are e-mailed to the competitors to be printed.

The number of participants in this international competition is increasing every year.
For 2015 we can count:
 21 nations
 238 schools
 286 teachers
 1818 competitors
The final result list is available on www.intersteno.org
The Intersteno-Board thanks all participants and their teachers for their efforts to participate in this international keyboarding contest. This competition wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of Comitato Intersteno Italy and InterInfo Czech Republic. Both organizations delivered and managed the competition-software.


In exactly one year’s time, on April 22 nd 2016, the State Central Stenography Courses “GZOS” will be 75 years old

We are asking to respond all students, teachers, workers and friends who remember GZOS, who can help to write its history.

GZOS. History


For the first time ever – Russian Speech-to-Text Communication Access!

An important event, which will no doubt influence the development of information processing in Russia, took place on April 1st-2nd

Realtime written interpreting of the speeches in the Russian language was held for the First time in history at the session of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Written Speech-to-Text Interpreting was provided remotely. The session took place in Geneva, while the typists were in three different cities: Moscow, St Petersburg and Sevastopol. Amazing.

It was done by our Heroes: Eleonora Alekseevna Lukina, Alexander Sidorenko and Igor Gagin!

The Project Organizer, Manager and Native English Speech-to-Text provider, Kimberly Turnage, highly appreciated our typists’ professionalism:

“The team was so wonderful to work with! Professional, wanting a challenge, meeting the challenge and then wanting to do more! I have so much respect for the Russian Team and what they were able to accomplish. I am looking forward to the next event and more events like this one.”

What was it like for the Russain Team of Speech-to-Text Providers?

E.A.Lukina (AvtandiLine) responds:

“What are my impressions? The large preliminary preparation for the job was really helpful. And the awareness that we are participating in such a good, kind cause, and for the first time in history in the Russian language, constantly supported, and I would even say, inspired. There were a few hitches and curious things, though. My netbook started lagging behind during my typing. The text I was writing appeared on the screen with delays, which, at that time, seemed to me absolutely enormous. And a speaker over there, a thousand kilometers away, kept talking!
Fortunately, the guys helped me out. They were on their guard, always ready to join in. Our Administrator – the Project Organizer and Manager, wonderfully energetic and optimistic, Kimberly Turnage - switched the channel over to them. Actually, I didn’t have an opportunity to type: Just sat feeling jealous of them (initially, each of us was to type for two periods of 30 minutes each). I could be sorry for myself, but as a Team we coped brilliantly, providing the continuity of the work. So, everything was fine.
...The guys seemed to be flying after the speakers on wings! Mind, written interpreting isn’t an easy and simple task. One needs an incredibly high typing speed as well as an analytical approach to the oral speech being converted into a written text, literacy, a good memory, an ability to instantly translate oral speech into a written text, and general knowledge… Definitely, an incredible love for your hard work. Plus a strong willpower, concentration and sports rage, boldness!
In short, it’s a true championship challenge, every time it’s like your own Olympics. I’m really happy that now we have young professionals who can accomplish the task!”

Igor Gagin responds:

“I’m very glad we coped with the job.
During the work I had the following problems:
1. Some speakers uttered the words indistinctly; I couldn’t hear many of the words, and had to wait for the next words in order to use the right case, gender, etc. But it was impossible to wait because my audio-memory isn’t trained enough. In my second period I wrote what I heard and left out a lot.
2. Some speakers spoke too fast to write them down, so mistakes were inevitable.
3. During the work I got really stressed. It was quite a hard job.
4. For future projects of this kind one should prepare beforehand and have a system of autocorrect. It would make everything much easier.
5. A little bit about the cooperation with AvtandiLine and Antik. They explained a lot about the job to me and also translated from English! I am really grateful.”

Alexander Sidorenko responds:

“At the start of my period of interpreting I was very nervous and tense. But once I got relaxed, everything went swimmingly. The speakers talked with accents, mostly not fast, so we were able to write the transcript and immediately sent it to the Project Manager. All you needed was knowledge of the subject, an ability to adjust quickly, a high typing speed, concentration on what was being uttered and a little bit of smartness. The job seemed quite easy to me.”
Communication Access Provision can, and is, provided all around the world in various languages to meet the beautifully diverse Community that We are. As Service Providers every day is different, every challenge something we rise to and do our Professional best. It takes a Togetherness and Skill to do the extraordinary. Communication Access brings Us together in a better understanding, Benefiting the Whole.
Please enjoy the short video of the Russian Communication Access Team in Action.


e-news Intersteno 68 - March, 2015
e-news Intersteno 68 - March 2015


The competitions have started


The registration of the Internet contestants starts on Monday, February 16th
Pay attention that this year’s registration will only last 3 weeks and the deadline is March 7th.
The Internet Contest will take place from March 9th till May 11th.


e-news Intersteno 67 - February 2015
e-news Intersteno 67 - February 2015


Intersteno e-news ³ 66, December 2014


Keyboard racers have met at Sapphire
Read the discussion of the event at the board
Keyboard racing is an online exercise keyboard and game.
Sapphire – Youth Innovative-Technological Centre.


The European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation has held an inquiry into live streaming –video on demand – subtitling and use of speech recognition. Replies from 32 countries (including Russia) and also from the European Parliament were received
The research has shown that none of the Parliaments offer subtitles for live streams. Poland and Slovakia are ahead of the rest with pilot projects being tested. See here.


Intersteno e-news ³ 65, October 2014


The Italian Intersteno group has addressed UNESCO to recognise shorthand as part of the world’s cultural heritage
The conference devoted to this subject will be held in the meeting hall of the Italian Parliament on September 29th from 10 am to 13 pm
On the request of GZOS the organizers will try to arrange the broadcast via Skype


e-news Intersteno 64 - August 2014
e-news Intersteno ³ 64, August 2014


Intersteno e-news #63, May 2014
Intersteno e-news #63, May 2014


For the first time in its history the Russian Intersteno group has met President of Intersteno in Moscow
During the meeting a prize-giving ceremony was held – the winners and participants of the Internet contest 2013 were rewarded with medals and diplomas

The participants of the meeting discussed the past, present and future of information processing

One of the guests, Valdimir, presented some keyboards which he had developed

There was a small tea party

The president was presented with a few gifts

All the participants enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the meeting.


Both the old and the new GZOSes are recieving congratulations on the 73d and 7th birthdays respectively

GZOS’s former and current students and friends wish GZOS a happy birthday.




Intersteno e-news #62, April 2014
Intersteno e-news #62, April 2014


The Internet contest 2014 has started
This year GZOS’s team consists of 26 participants. As Artem Yagunov has grown up and entered a new age group - “pupils” (13-16 years of age), we. don’t have children-contestants (0 – 12 years of age).All in all 3 Russian contestants are competing in the “pupils” age group. There are also 3 “juniors” (17-20 years of age): Stanislav Yagunos, Oleg Omelchenko and Yana Polyuk. They are all last year’s medal- winners. The “seniors” is the largest group – 20 contestants.


Registration for the XII International Internet competitions starts on February 27th and ends on March 27th, 2014.
This year the competitions start on March 31st and end on May 9th.
For more detail go to INTERSTENO.RU


e-news Intersteno 61 - February 2014
INTERSTENO news ³ 61, February 2014


GZOS joins to the New Year and Christmas greetings of Georgette Sante - Intersteno Jury President.


A teacher of GZOS Smirnova Elena Alekseevna has become the best HR manager winning a gold medal in the All-Russian Yearly contest "The HR manager of the year".


An article about GZOS was published in October's newsletter of the Dutch National Group of Intersteno

A visit to the Training Centre GZOS in Moscow
Written by Jan den Holder
I met Nora, Olga and Olga for the first time a few years ago, when they paid a visit to The Netherlands. They run a small institute in Moscow that offers courses in shorthand, typewriting, secretarial practice, management and English. Students attend classes at the institute itself but can also receive their education via distance learning. The institute GZOS was founded in 1941, when the correspondence courses in shorthand played an important role in its activities. The abbreviation "GZOS" stands for the Russian words: State – distance learning – stenography. Today the institute presents itself as "Training Centre GZOS".
Translation of this (old) nameplate of the institute:
Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, State Education Centre “GZOS”.
In April 2008 GZOS changed its organizational-legal form, preserving its name. At present GZOS is a so-called ANO (autonomous non-commercial organization). Because of a decline in the number of students the institute moved this year to a smaller location. It now only has two rooms at its disposal: one for its office and a small classroom. The new location is, however, conveniently situated next to a station of the Moscow metro.
This year I met the Russian ladies in Ghent, at the Intersteno Convention, where they collected the prizes won by the Russian competitors in the Internet typing contest. It thereby came to the engagement that I would visit them in their new institute in Moscow. This plan was carried out in August and, while being there, I was impressed by the efficiency with which they manage to do all these educational activities on the limited surface of their new housing.
Nora Berezina, the desk manager of the GZOS institute.
We had a discussion about the digital revolution and its impact on office work. Still, Nora Berezina keeps wondering why nowadays there is so little interest in really learning how to typewrite, and why people accept that precious time is lost by poor typing. This concerns for example managers clumsily typing their own texts, now that the traditional secretary is disappearing (and speech recognition has not yet been fully developed for the Russian language). “First learn how to type!” is her urgent advice. You can correspond with Nora in English, via e-mail: gzos@mail.ru
The small classroom of the GZOS institute in Moscow, where all the subjects are taught.
Olga Kotenko collects in Gent the first prize for a Russian competitor in the Internet typing contest. All together the Russian competitors in the Intersteno Internet typing contest 2013 received 5 (!) medals: three gold medals and two silver ones.
A special feature of the GZOS Training Centre is its application of the program “Typing Statistics”, offering the automatic analysis of the typing performances of students. This program was demonstrated during the Intersteno Convention in Paris, in 2011. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIvgwUQxACQ&feature=youtu.be
To get an impression of the broad range of activities of this small but bright institute, you should visit the following websites: http://www.gzos.ru and www.intersteno.ru Via "Google Translate" it is possible to translate the Russian texts on these websites into your mother tongue. On the website www.intersteno.ru one can also choose the English text.


Welcome to our upgraded website GZOS.RU.

We do hope that on our website you will find answers to all your questions and will come to study. You are welcome to contact us on the phone 8(495)789-11-80 or through the e-mail gzos@mail.ru. Or you can just drop in for a cup of tea (Suzdalskaya str., 26, building 2, Moscow, 111673)


June 10th, 2013
80 years have passed since the unitary state shorthand system (Russian abbreviation - GESS) developed by Nikolay Sokolov had been introduced in the USSR (10.06.1933).

The peculiarity and progressiveness of the system consists in its strict conformity to biomechanics' manual writing laws. The outstanding achievement of Mr. Sokolov for shorthand consists in taking it out of the sphere of the empiricism and primitive handicraft with his great work "Theoretical grounds of the GESS". Over a period of time passed since then the GESS has spread over the country having excluded other stenosystems for Russian and proved its high efficiency for practical use both as a common rationalized cursive and as professional high-speed shorthand.

N.N. Sokolov


The XI Internet competitions held by the International Federation INTERSTENO yearly are over. The GZOS team which unites Russian-speaking people from all over the world has shown brilliant results.

Yana Polyuk took second place in the multilingual competitions in the age group of 13 to 16-year-olds.
Oleg Omelchenko and Stanislav Yagunov took first and second places correspondingly in the multilingual competitions in the age group of 17 to 20-year-olds.
The only age group we haven’t got any medals in is the seniors (over 21 years old). But there is still hope because this year Oleg Omelchenko holds the fourth place in the final classification list.
Eleonora Alekseevna Lukina (AvtandiLine) is again the fastest Russian-typing competitor. This year her result is 603 characters per minute with 3 errors – it’s the 8th result in the whole world.
The competition organizers invite all the winners to the prize-giving ceremony in Ghent (Belgium) which is taking place on July 18th at 16.30.
Provided they could attend the prize-giving ceremony, our winners could get in person:
Artem Yagunov – TWO GOLD MEDALS
Yana Polyuk – A SILVER MEDAL
Oleg Omelchenko – A GOLD MEDAL
Stanislav Yagunov – A SILVER MEDAL


GZOS’s birthday

GZOS is a training centre with a long history: on April 22nd, 2013 it is 72 years old! It’s not difficult to imagine what rich pedagogical experience has been accumulated in all this time. What makes GZOS absolutely unique is that it teaches stenography, the subject which is wonderful, mysterious and still underestimated here. And GZOS teaches it highly professionally. It just couldn’t be the other way. GZOS has always been a leader in the matters of short-hand: GZOS’s variant of the SUSS (State Uniform System of Stenography) has been considered the best for 45 years. All this means that when you come to study at GZOS you don’t just get knowledge, but in a way join the history. As for me, I got a certificate of completing a special course in stenography stating my speed at 80 words per minute, though in fact it’s even higher. I get really proud of this achievement when I look at the certificate bearing the emblem of the Centre – a flying pencil – a symbol of fast flight-like writing. There is a very warm atmosphere at the Centre. Its staff don’t say good-bye to students after the last ones finish the training courses. The teachers and their ex-students become friends. Nothing could be more valuable than knowledge and friendship. Come to study at GZOS!
Best wishes,


The competitions have started
The Internet competitions in fast and quality keyboarding held by the International Federation INTERSTENO have started. This year our team consists of 24 competitors from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The competitions continue till May 5th, 2013. The results can be seen at INTERSTENO.RU or on the site of the International Federation INTERSTENO. But the most exciting is the discussion of the course of the competitions at the forum.


The Internet competitions 2013

The registration of participants of the competitions is over. The list of the registered participants is on our site.


e-news Intersteno 57 - April 2013


Internet Contest 2013
The 11th edition of the Internet Keyboarding championship will take place from 8th April to 5th May, registrations open from 11th March until 4th April.
GZOS would like to thank everyone who helped to prepare the texts for the contest.


A breakthrough!?
A press-release of the meeting at the Council of Federation with the winners of the Internet competitions held by the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing INTERSTENO.


We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sofia Kostuck.
We will remember the partner, comrade-in-arms, colleague, intelligent person, splendid young woman and wonderful mother.
This is how Sofia greeted the beginning of the competitions on urikor.net on November 30th, 2006.
Dear typing fans!
... - the more good champions the better! Don't wait for the next stage to start, meanwhile you can compete in another championship.
... - you're welcome to participate, share critical remarks. I hope our final goals coincide - to encourage as many people as possible to develop their touchtyping skills!


Keyboarding competition via internet
The Jury and Council decided that this contest will take place from April 8th to May 7th 2013. Enrollment will be from March 11th to April 5th. No changes in the age categories and minimum speed are needed. Only one classifications list, per age category, will be released irrespective of the technology used, which will in any case be indicated in the list: i.e. KB for computer keyboarding, SM for accord-keyboarding (stenomachines, stenotype).


USA National SMS championship
A 17-year-old boy from Wisconsin won an annual national texting competition for the second time on August 8th. He won by texting a 149-character message with capitalization, punctuation and various symbols, in 39 seconds. The contest took place in New York's Times Square, and $50.000 was assigned to him. The electronics firm LG Mobile sponsored the contest.


e-news Intersteno 54 - October 2012


Intersteno - the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing - is 125 years old!
The anniversary celebration took place in Prague on September 29th, 2012. To our great disappointment, our delegation couldn't attend the event, but we sent our greetings.


e-news Intersteno 53 - July 2012


Medals and diplomas won by our team in the INTERSTENO World Internet Competitions 2012

Results of the on-line competitions:
Five medals all in all: two gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals! ALL the competitors have been awarded with diplomas!
Outstanding results have been gained by two brothers from Moscow region - Stanislav and Artem Yagunov.
Artem Yagunov was the best in the age group "children"(from 0 to 12 years of age) in the mother tongue (Russian) (1st place and a gold medal). Artem also won a bronze medal (3d place) in the multilingual competitions.
Stanislav Yagunov won another victory in the age group "pupils" (from 13 to 16 years of age). He was again the best at writing in the 16 languages of the competitions and won a gold medal (1st place). In the competitions in the mother tongue Stanislav is the third this year - a bronze medal.
Oleg Omelchenko from Odessa won a silver medal (2nd place) in the multilingual competitions in the age group from 17 to 20 years of age.
In the age group "seniors" (from 21 to 99 years of age) among the ten best writers are the Muscovites Eleonora Lukina (AvtandiLine Lukina) (ranked the 7th in the multilingual world competitions) and Maria Nefedova (ranked the 9th in the multilingual world competitions).
Alexandr Sidorenko from Yalta was the fastest writer in the Russian language. His result was 611 characters per minute, 6 errors.

All in all 26 competitors from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus participated in this year's competitions (results).

GZOS congratulates all the participants of the jubilee competitions and wishes everybody new victories!


e-news Intersteno 52 - May 2012


The second contest of the Eastern district of Moscow in fast and quality keyboarding in the Russian language has ended successfully.

At last Stanislav Yagunov has been awarded with two gold medals for his winning the 2011’s Internet multilingua competitions and competitions in the mother tongue in the age category from 13 to 16 years of age.


e-news Intersteno 51 - April 2012

Sad news has come from the INTERSTENO today.
Professor Marcello Melani has passed away.
We express our deepest condolences to his family and friends.
GZOS will always be grateful to the professor for the creation of the stenotype theory for the Russian language.
Ealier Professor Marcello Melani had created stenotype theories for many languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek. He had been working on the stenotype theory for the Russian language for the past years. We hope his work and efforts were not for nothing.

We discussed one of Professor's article on the forum.

Here is the brochure on stenotypingprepared by Professor Marcello Melani


The contest has started!
The jubilee X Internet competitions in fast and quality writing on a keyboard held by the International Federation INTERSTENO have started.
Contestants from many countries will be typing in 16 languages. Russian is one of them.
Our team includes 26 members from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia.
The competitions will go on until May 11, 2012.
The results of the competitions can be seen on the site INTERSTENO.RU
or on the site of the International Federation INTERSTENO.
But the most interesting thing is the discussion of the competitions on the forum.


Internet Contest 2012
This year we celebrate the 10th edition of the Keyboarding championship by Internet. It will take place from 10th April to 11th May, registrations open from 5th March until 31th March 2012.


e-news Intersteno 50 - January 2012


New Year Greetings from Intersteno Jury President Georgette Sante

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