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"Every two or three years an international Intersteno-congress will be held, if possible with international contests with world championships and other international activities like lectures to be conducted.
International contests with world championships can also be organized in separate Intersteno meeting, not being called an Intersteno-congress".
Constitution of Intersteno, art. 20

International contests with world championships are held in:

Text production
Text correction with PC
Professional word processing
Shorthand/speech capturing
Multilingual shorthand
Real time competition
Correspondence and minute taking competition

Helena Matoushkova (Czeck) is the fastest typist in the world. Her speed is 928 strokes per minute. Helena Matoushkova became World Champion in 1998. In 2003 in Rome she broke her record typing for 30 minutes at a speed of 955 characters per minute with 0,03% of errors. So far no one can type faster.

Helena Matoushkova (Czeck) Helena is 9 fold World Champion.

She won in competitions:
Lausanne 1998:
  - typewriting
  - combination of shorthand and typewriting
Hannover 2001:
  - typewriting
Roma 2003:
  - keyboarding
  - shorthand/stenotype
Vienna 2005:
  - text production
  - shorthand/stenotype
  - fast transcription
  - combination of shorthand and typewriting

Helena Matoushkova has been Chairwoman of the Jury in Text Production since 2007.

Josip Hanjs (Croatia) Josip Hanjs from Croatia was the best in Shorthand competiton.

He became World Champion in Prague in 2007.
His result is 497 syllables per minute (approximately 199 words per minute).

In the photo: awarding the World Champion.

Boris Neubauer (Germany)

Boris Neubauer (Germany) has been World Champion in Multilingual Shorthand for many years.

At the last Championship Boris successfully transcribed in 17 languages.
Until 2001 Boris Neubauer was Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Intersteno.

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